A magic mirror that will go on display at Manchester's Trafford Centre on March 13, 2012 will help you with your shopping.

The shopping centre is planning to place a magic mirror that could help people select their desirable clothes. The magic mirror lets you check sample outfits from various retailers all in one place. This way the customers' time is saved and they get the best outfits at the shopping centre.

The magic mirror has a 3D technology that superimposes a range of dresses, skirts and tops over a live picture of a shopper's body as they move in front of a camera perched on top of a screen. It uses movement sensors and augmented reality technology similar to that of an Xbox games console to judge their size and distance from the camera, according to the Daily Mail.

"This is our secret weapon against the rise of internet shopping, you just can't get this type of theatre and experience online," Caroline Aikman, marketing manager for the Trafford Centre told the Daily Mail "We want to put the excitement back into shopping."

Adam Vahed, Managing Director of Apache Solutions, who developed the magic mirror, said the object had worked quite well with women's clothing. "Now we are developing the software for menswear and children."