Pretty Little Liars season 7
Jenna shot Spencer in Pretty Little Liars season 7 summer finale Freeform

Show creator Marlene King has spilled a few secrets from the series finale of Pretty Little Liars season 7 and in the process has revealed the answer to a big question. In the mid-season finale, Toby and his fiancée Yvonne met with a major accident and fans were left in the dark on whether Spencer's former boyfriend is alive or dead.

In her latest attempt to tease PLL fans, the show creator released a series of dialogues from the series finale, which will be aired in summer next year. In one such tweet, King posted one of Toby's dialogues and therefore revealed that he is indeed alive in the Freeform mystery thriller.

"Toby: I used to know a girl who liked to say 'hope breeds eternal misery'", reads the tweet by the show creator. Spoby fans were left disappointed in the season 7 summer finale when Spencer was shot by Jenna and Toby was left unconscious in her crashed car.

But this piece of news will surely raise their hopes for the couple's reunion in the series finale. In another tweet, King teased a wedding, which will probably be one of the last scenes. "If you don't stop looking at me like that, I am never going to be able to say my vows without the ugly cry," reads the dialogue.

Fans are eager to learn about the lucky PLL couple who will exchange rings in order to form an eternal bond. It is hard to imagine that it will be Aria and Ezra as in the episode, The Darkest Knight, Aria was devastated to see Ezra and his lost girlfriend Nicole reuniting on TV during a rescue mission.

Hanna and Caleb had a steamy reunion on the Freeform series and it is possible that fans will see their favourite couple getting hitched.

The remaining episodes of Pretty Little Liars season 7 will return in April 2017.