steven avery
Steven Avery with his former fiancee Lynn Hartman Dr Phil

There never seems to be a dull moment in Steven Avery's life. The convicted killer – who stars in the Netflix docuseries Making A Murderer – has reportedly split from his fiancée just two weeks after proposing to her.

The star of the hugely popular crime series popped the question to Lynn Hartman, a legal secretary, who he had only met once in person following phone conversations and letter exchanges over an eight month period.

The pair will also appear in a two-part special of US chat show Dr Phil this week – but Avery's ex-fiancée Sandra Greenman revealed the news of the break-up on Facebook. She claimed that Avery ended the romance in fears that Hartman was only interested in his money.

She wrote on the social media sharing site: "Steve called me two times tonight and wants everyone to know that Lynn (Hartman) and him are done.

"She has been in this relationship for money and publicity. His eyes are finally opened!!! Lynn received at least 5000.00 dollars from Dr Phil, and he thinks more. She got another 1000.00 for doing other shows."

Ex-fiancée Greenman visited Avery – who is serving life in prison for the murder of Wisconsin photographer Teresa Halbach – for more than 10 years before they parted ways. Greenman went on to say that Hartman was using the prisoner to appear on numerous chat shows.

She added: "She also wanted to be on as many as possible. His words – she is a golddigger. He wants someone to contact Dr Phil before Mon. show and him him know she was only in the relationship for money. I checked and double checked with him to make very sure he wanted this put on and he said very much so.

"She's very pretty, there's no way she'd want Steven Avery usually. All the family are afraid of her, something isn't right, I know she wants fame, and she's looking for money," she continued.

Avery was sentenced to life behind bars without parole in 2005 alongside his nephew Brendan Dassey, 26, who is set to be released after having his conviction quashed after the success of the Netflix series – which was released in November 2015.