Muslim groups in Penang have vowed to block the Freemasons from holding an international masonic conference in their city, by force if necessary, denouncing the secretive group as an evil Zionist conspiracy.

The coalition of groups, which has said the Freemasons have a secret agenda to undermine Muslims and their faith, have lodged nine police complaints against the Scottish Masonic Conference. The group plans to hold its conference in the Penang next week (24 February). Their leadership has said that if necessary they will stop the Freemasons themselves.

"If the police don't stop them, we will stop the conference because we do not want it to be held here," Mohd Hafiz, a leader of the protest group told the Malay Online. He claimed the Freemasons had well-known Zionist links and peddled "evil conspiracy theories against Islam and Muslims". He added that the media had failed to expose the organisations' secretive agenda.

The furore over the four-day Scottish Masonic Conference has forced the District Grand Lodge of the Middle East to refute claims the group is part of the 'Illuminati', a favourite among conspiracy theorists who purport it is a secret organisation that runs the world.

In the last week, an activist in the Umno Youth council, one of the groups boycotting the Freemasons who cast the Illuminati accusation, called on Islamic groups to rally against the conference.