A 20-year-old accused of planning a terror attack on an LGBT event in Cumbria became interested in Nazism after a trip to Germany, Leeds Crown Court has heard.

Ethan Stables' mother told jurors how, after visiting Germany, he defended ethnic cleansing.

"He was very single-minded, he was saying the Germans weren't as bad as you think, it wasn't about ethnic cleansing but maintaining the purity of the race," Elaine Asbury said, going on to say that her son had had behavioural problems since he was two years old, according to the Mail Online.

Asbury's testimony came a day after Stables himself had taken the stand, claiming that he was not homophobic and that was in fact bisexual and had had a same-sex sexual experience.

Prosecutors had previously told the court that Stables had posted violent messages on a Facebook group and had attempted to obtain firearms.

When a prosecutor said that there had not been any previous mention of Stable's bisexuality, Stables said she had not revealed it because he worried about his family members' reactions. His mother told the court that she thought he "would be surprised to know granddad is a bit more accepting than he thinks".

Stables denies charges that he was preparing an act of terrorism. Prosecutors allege that Stables was planning to use an axe and machete in the attack, the BBC reported, but he said he had only made the comments to impress friends online.

One message allegedly sent by Stables in a Facebook chat was "I'm going to war tonight." His defence barrister said that Stables did not think people would believe the things he posted online.

The trial continues.