Police in Phnom Penh, Cambodia found Eam Samnang walking around naked in public after allegedly murdering his mother, Hak Sokha, on Saturday, August 29. The suspect reportedly told the police that he was going to kill himself and admitted to the murder of his mother. Unfortunately, the victim was found beheaded. The police also found a letter from a hospital regarding the suspect's mental health. The incident is being investigated while the suspect remains in police custody for his own safety.

It is unknown when the 65-year-old woman was exactly murdered. On Saturday morning, neighbours found her dead and reported the incident to the police. Her son who had been living with her in the rented home was missing from the scene.

The 32-year-old resident of Por Sen Chey district's Chaom Chao II commune was reportedly walking around naked behind the International University in Sen Sok district. Police had been looking for Samnang in relation to the murder of his mother. He told the police that he was going to take his own life. Worried for the man's safety the police took him into custody. He also admitted to slitting his mother's throat as he was convinced that she was possessed by ghosts.

An investigation into the murder was launched. Police eventually found a letter from the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital that revealed that the suspect may be suffering from a mental health disorder. Deputy district police chief Chea Sovann pointed out that even though the man had mental health issues, he was employed by a company. He has a valid work license until 2021.

Sovann also stated that the victim's head was detached from her body. She had been brutally beheaded by her son. A post mortem of the body was performed by Nong Sovanrath, who pointed out that the woman had a bruise on her forehead. This indicated that the mother was knocked out before being beheaded.

Authorities have not confirmed if the suspect has any diagnosed mental health issues. However, according to The Phnom Penh Post, the man's relatives claim he is "insane." Neighbours told the police that the day before Sokha was found dead, she was seen stopping her son from walking around naked in public.

Police arrested a man for beheading his mother who he believed was possessed by ghosts. (representational image) Reuters

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