Pit bull
The dog suffered multiple fractures and bruises, and its lungs were filled with fluid - Representational Image

A man is facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly dragging his 10-month-old pit bull down a driveway on Friday (20 October) in Everett, Washington.

The dog suffered multiple fractures and bruises, and its lungs were filled with fluid. The dog was coughing blood and had a leg injury, police said.

The pet was taken to a veterinary hospital for emergency treatment. There was also evidence that the dog had been strangled.

Mark Hurd, 22, was arrested when Everett Patrol Officers Brian Herbert and Thomas Parsons received a report that he was abusing a dog at a Floyd Street address, police said in a statement.

Kathy Tarlowski, the man's neighbour, said she called the police after hearing the sound of someone beating a dog early Friday morning.

"It's heartbreaking. I just can't fathom how somebody could do this. That poor dog was suffering for quite a long time," Tarlowski said, Fox 8 Live news reported.

She said she took her dog outside with her to confront her neighbour.

"I asked if the dog was OK. And he told me he's fine. And I said he doesn't seem to be fine. And he said my dog is fine. And I was afraid also and I turned and called the police," Tarlowski added.

Police said when officers arrived they found Hurd dragging the dog on the driveway. They arrested Hurd and charged him with animal cruelty. It is not clear as to why Hurd attacked the animal.

Another neighbour, Charles Giarratana, who lives next door to Hurd, said a few nights ago, he saw Hurd hitting the dog with a stick. He said Hurd told him to mind his own business when he asked him to stop hitting the dog.

"It's extremely disappointing to see this type of violence perpetrated on an animal especially a domesticated pet. The Everett Police Department takes these cases seriously and would like to remind the public to report abuse of this type if they witness it," Everett police chief Steven A Mazzie said.

According to a GoFundMe page set up for the dog, the pit bull was reportedly given the name Chase but is now being called Chance.