On the first day of the trial at Old Bailey, Philip Tarver denied his involvement in the murder of his mother, Angela Tarver, and threatening his father, Colin Tarver. Colin alleges that his son stabbed his wife to death before threatening to do the same to him on December 19, 2019. Police arrested the alleged murderer from the home in Woking, Surrey. The woman's decapitated head was found in a freezer and her left ring finger in a kettle.

The 47-year-old had been living with his elderly parents when the incident occurred last year. Prosecutor Alexandra Healy told the court that the night before the murder, Philip bought six cans of beer and a small bottle of vodka. The next morning, he woke up paranoid claiming he had been "poisoned." He started unplugging electronic devices in the home, stating that he was "spring cleaning."

When Colin asked his son why he had disconnected the television, he reacted violently. When the 83-year-old was reconnecting all the devices he heard his 86-year-old wife scream. He rushed to the kitchen to find her on the floor while his son was holding a sword. Angela had been stabbed in the chest by her son using an ornamental sword. Philip threatened to take his father's life as well.

Colin managed to escape from the home and alerted the police. When the police arrived at the home in Julian Close, Woking, the suspect surrendered himself while waving a Union Jack flag. Police arrested the suspect for the alleged murder. Upon entering the home, they found the victim beheaded and her left ring finger removed. Angela's head was eventually found in the freezer and the finger in a kettle, according to BBC.

Initially, Philip told the police that he was sorry for what he had done and he repented his sins. He was admitted to a mental health facility where he remained under treatment until March this year. After his release from the hospital, police were able to question him as he was deemed fit for interview.

However, Philip now denies the charges against him claiming he did not harm his mother or threaten his father. The trial at Old Bailey continues.

Samurai sword
Man accused of stabbing mother to death with an ornamental sword before decapitating her. (representational image) Metropolitan Police