Justin Doppsmith
Justin Doppsmith was caught stuffing the items into a safety deposit box Portage County Jail

A man has been arrested for stuffing some bizarre items into an overnight deposit box at a bank in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Justin Doppsmith, 37, was caught forcing a dead cat, a loaf of bread and a one dollar bill wrapped around a rock into the box.

Doppsmith was tracked down by police later in the day and claimed he was trying to "cleanse the bank from fraud" with the items.

He added the officer had no authority over the situation because he wasn't a "game warden".

He reportedly became agitated and took an aggressive stance towards the police officer, spitting at him.

Doppsmith was then arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting an officer and discharging bodily fluids at a public safety worker.

A member of staff who unloaded the depository box told police this wasn't the first time Doppsmith had placed unusual items in the safe, which was corroborated by the bank's video surveillance.

Doppsmith also faces a charge of arson after allegedly lighting a tree on fire outside the local Salvation Army Hope Centre in May.

According to the criminal complaint filed, Doppsmith told at employee at the centre he had set the tree alight to "help it moult".