Explorer descends into volcano
Explorer descends into volcano YouTube

Think Mount Doom and The Flames of Mordor were epic enough? Wonder what these two explorers would have to say about that after they've managed to shoot a video of themselves diving into an active volcano.

Last month, George Kourounis, an explorer and documentarian along with fellow explorer and filmmaker Sam Cossman descended into the depths of the Martum crater, which is located on a volcanic island in the Malampa Province in the archipelago of Vanuatu.

Cossman, Kourounis and two guides, Geoff Mackley and Brad Ambrose, spent four days on the volcano and travelled twice into the crater.

"Going down into the crater of Marum has been a dream of mine for many years," Kourounis told The Huffington Post. "It was exhilarating, to say the least."

"Getting to [Marum] was kind of like a reverse climbing of Everest," he said. "The volcano fought back at us, and we had to deal with terrible weather, tremendous heat from the lava, descending and ascending 400 meters of near vertical, loose rock face, acid rain so strong that it could have come from a car battery, and a variety of other craziness."

Kourounis also revealed that splashes of the lava melted a hole into his rain jacket and also a part of one of his cameras.

"When you see that shot of me [in the video] looking like a little silver dot, next to what appears to be a waterfall of lava, that was an extremely dangerous spot to be standing," he said. "It was a bit scary. If something were to have gone wrong. It would've happened quickly, and catastrophically."

The daring explorers filmed their journey down the volcano using a GoPro, Sony NX Cam and a Canon 5D Mark III camera.

Watch the video below: