A man wreaked revenge on his partner after playing an incriminating video of her with another man - on their wedding day.

It all seemed to be going well at first, as the groom presented a romantic video montage of his relationship with his bride to the assembled guests at the wedding in Singapore.

However, halfway through, the video cut to footage of the woman entering a hotel room with another man. They were seen "behaving intimately" in the tape, according to local media.

While guests watched in horror, at the end of the incriminating video clip, the groom reportedly told his bride to 'go to hell' before storming out of the wedding venue.

It was not clear whether the wedding had taken place by the time the groom made the revelations about the bride's affair.

According to Mail Online, it later emerged that the man had suspected his fiance was cheating on him and hired a private investigator to follow her a few weeks before they were due to tie the knot.

The investigator, Ms Zhuo from Ajax Investigation and Security Services who trailed the woman for six weeks, said that she expected her client would have confronted his bride-to-be about her infidelity and call off the wedding.

However, she was astonished to receive an invitation to attend the wedding. It was when the video was played before the wedding guests that she realised the groom wanted to expose her affair in front of their family and friends.

It's not known however, whether he made the shocking revelation before tying the knot with his cheating bride or after.