Eliza De La Cruz
Eliza Delacruz was abducted from her home in Long Beach after her parents and uncle were shot by McCall Family handout

A man faces life in prison after he was found guilty of kidnapping and murdering a three-week-old baby in southern California.

Anthony Ray McCall, 32, of Oceanside, snatched Eliza De La Cruz from her mother's arms at a Long Beach home on 3 January 2015. His friend had reportedly followed the woman home from a bus stop.

McCall had planned to kidnap a baby because his friend needed a newborn after falsely telling her married boyfriend that she had given birth to twins

The baby had been strangled and her body wrapped in a plastic rubbish bag and dumped in a bin in San Diego County.

McCall also shot the girl's mother, father and uncle with a gun using a silencer made from potatoes. All three survived.

Eliza's mother Jacqueline Honorato said she pleaded with McCall not to take her baby. She told the court: "I couldn't do anything to stop him."

She said she chased after him and heard a woman believed to be McCall's friend, Giseleangelique Rene D'Milian, telling the baby "I'm your new mommy".

She said she never saw her baby again.

Weeks after killing Eliza, McCall attempted to snatch a four-month-old boy from a woman in an El Segundo motel. He beat the mother with a baseball bat,but failed to make-off with her child.

Giseleangelique Rene D'Milian, pleaded no contest to murder and attempted murder in January and was sentenced to 25 years in prison Sky News reports.

A third defendant, Todd Damon Boudreaux, 46, is waiting to be sentenced after pleading guilty to being an accessory.