Members of the public in Neath Port Talbot, Wales were shocked by the act of animal cruelty in broad daylight. Witnesses saw Gregory Phillips violently beat one of his dogs and shove it into the boot of his car on March 31. He ignored the protests of the people around him. However, dashboard camera footage of the incident helped sentence the man. Swansea Magistrates' Court sentenced him to a 12-months community order.

Phillips was seen carrying a bag of items and a crate of beer outside a shop on Pentre Street, Glynneath. While trying to keep the bags in the back seat of the silver Toyota Yaris one of his dogs jumps out of the vehicle. The incident was recorded by the dashcam of a car behind the 40-year-old dog owner's vehicle.

As soon as the dog, which appears to be a brown cocker spaniel, jumps out of the car its owner begins hitting it. After keeping the bags in the back seat, Phillips is seen grabbing the dog by the collar and lifting it into the air. He proceeds to violently punch the small dog while lifting it by the collar. The footage shows him dragging the dog towards the boot of the car.

Animal abuser Gregory Phillips, 40, attacked his spaniel in Glynneath, Neath, South Wales by slamming the terrified dog into the boot of his car then violently punching the poor thing. What a coward and bully.

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When he opens the boot, a small white dog is seen jumping out and running away from the man. This angers the dog owner further as he tosses the brown dog in the boot and punches it a few more times. Another dog is seen in the back of the vehicle cowering as the man keeps beating them.

Members of the public reportedly shouted and honked at the man to stop the abuse. However, he continued to beat the frightened pet.

The incident was reported to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals which used the dashcam footage as evidence against the animal abuser.

Appearing in Swansea Magistrates' Court Phillips pleaded guilty to an animal welfare act offence. The Ynyslas Crescent, Glynneath resident was sentenced to 150-hours of unpaid work and a 12-month community order. He also had to pay £300 in costs and a £90 victim surcharge, BBC reported.

It is unclear if the dogs remain in Phillips' custody.

Puppy being adopted
Man sentenced for violently punching his dog and throwing it in the boot of his car. (representational image) Reuters / Bogdan Cristel