A man was shot after allegedly attacking a NYPD officer with a meat cleaver near Penn Station. At least two people were injured in the incident, which occurred around 5pm EST/11pm BST, and were transported to Bellevue Hospital, a FDNY spokesperson confirmed.

One of the individuals injured had a laceration that was serious but not life-threatening and the other had a gun shot wound and is critical, the spokesperson said. Gothamist reported that police are on the scene and that the investigation is ongoing.

Earlier, NYPD spokesman Peter Donald confirmed the suspect assaulted an officer with an object on W 32nd and 7th. A second officer was also injured but only suffered a graze wound. Witnesses reported several shots were fired.

According to Fox News, officers surrounded the suspect and made multiple request he drop his weapon, which he refused to do. A detective then got into an altercation with the suspect and was hit by the cleaver. Responding officers opened fire and hit the suspect multiple times.

"They shot him up," a witness told the New York Daily News. "He was hit five or six times. He was laid up on the sidewalk. It looked like he was dead."

Jann Bricklemyer Cornell, who is staying in the American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge on W 32nd with her husband Don Cornell, told IBTimes UK that the Hope Lodge's staff asked that everyone stay away from the windows and remain inside until the police situation was cleared. Bricklemyer Cornell added the staff also placed sofas in front of doors barring anyone from the terrace looking out to the street where the incident occurred.

The suspect was identified as 32-year-old Akram Joudeh of Queens, NBC New York reported. Two law enforcement officials who identified the suspect revealed Joudeh has 15 prior arrests, including a 27 August arrest when he was found carrying knives near a synagogue.

An official said that the FBI is sending agents from the Joint Terrorism Task Force to the scene as a precaution.

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