Texas authorities are on the hunt for an armed career criminal who has a distinctive facial tattoo - his own social security number on his forehead. Robert Wooten, 40, is wanted for stealing cigarettes from a Valero Corner Store in Oak Forest twice in 2017, the Harris County Constable's Office said.

The suspect has a long criminal record, with charges for indecent exposure, aggravated robbery, violation of a protective order due to violence, burglary and drugs.

On 15 October, an employee at the convenience store was forced to close the store when the register went down. Several customers, including Wooten, were waiting outside when the employee re-opened the store.

As the customers entered the store, Wooten allegedly followed the employee and asked him some strange questions.

Court documents said Wooten asked the employee, "You care about your life?" Deputies said the suspect then lifted his shirt and revealed a firearms in his waistband.

Investigators said Wooten demanded several brands of cigarettes and the victim complied. According to police reports, the suspect returned to the same Valero Corner Store on 4 November to steal more cigarettes.

According to KIAH, the constable's deputy was able to identify Wooten as the suspect because of his unique facial tattoo and the Houston criminal database. Apart from his social security on his forehead, Wooten also has Houston's area code, 713, tattooed in large numerals across the front of his neck.

Wooten has been connected to at least six armed robberies in Harris County area.

Anyone with information regarding Wooten's whereabouts are asked to call Crime Stoppers of Houston on 713 222 8477 or submit a tip online at http://www.crimestoppers.org. Tipsters will remain anonymous.