A 22-year-old man has been sent to prison for four years after being found guilty of having sex with five girls under the age of 16. Connor Oldham of Grimsby, England allegedly impregnated one of the girls, who later had to undergo abortion, a court heard.

Oldham, who claimed the victims framed him, reportedly enjoyed his reputation as a charmer among young girls and boasted about having had sexual encounters with at least 42 women, The Mirror reported, citing court documents.

The young man reportedly admitted to impregnating one of his victims, which was even proved through a DNA test, but denied other charges. He was also accused of raping a teenage girl, but was found not guilty, the Grimsby Telegraph reported.

His defence barrister Lucie Wibberley told the Hull Crown Court during a recent hearing that the girls were conspiring against him and had made up stories in front of the police. Oldham too told the court that the victims had tricked him in believing that they were not underage.

However, a 14-year-old testified against him in the court and said: "I told him how old I was before sex. I never told him I was 16. We were just friends. One thing led to another and we just had sex."

While another teenage girl, who claimed she was raped, told the court that Oldham had asked her how old she was and when she told him she was 14, he said, "Oh, that's all right then." The 15-year-old added that she "was aware that the defendant slept around a lot". She said he had also asked her for nude pictures but, she declined.

Announcing the verdict, Judge Jeremy Richardson QC said, "This man is serially indulging in underage sex. He admitted in cross-examination that he lied to the police on a number of matters. There is no doubt you had a liking for under-age sex."