Police in Greater Manchester have appealed for witnesses after a shocking road rage attack on the M62 at Junction 12 near Eccles was captured on camera. In the incident, a flatbed truck driver in yellow high visibility work clothes is seen reversing into another truck before smashing the driver's window with a shovel and attempting to reach inside before driving away.

The incident, at around noon on 9th November 2016, began when the two trucks were involved in a minor collision as they entered the busy M62 (westbound) from the anti-clockwise M60. As the drivers exchanged details the suspect confronted the other driver and his passenger, apparently taking pictures of them on his phone. He then became violent, wrestling with the other driver who retreated to his cab and locked the door.

The attacker then reversed at speed into the stationary truck, causing the contents of his trailer to fly backwards. He then grabbed a spade from his trailer and launched a frenzied attack. The assailant's truck appeared to be a motorway maintenance vehicle and its registration plate is clearly visible, though it has not yet been verified as genuine.

PC John Cavanagh from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Roads Policing Unit said: "This attack was unbelievable, and has been clearly captured on CCTV. Luckily neither of the men were seriously injured however they have been left terrified by the incident.

"The driver and passenger in the lorry were just trying to get on with their day's work when they collided with the man in the pick-up truck, accidents happen and they were attempting to deal with the situation in an appropriate manner. No one could have anticipated the level of violence they would then fall victim to.

"I am appealing for anyone who may recognise the driver of the pick-up truck to get in touch as soon as possible. It was broad daylight and the man can be clearly seen, someone must know who he is."

Anyone with information should contact Greater Manchester Police on 0161 856 6108 (101). Alternatively contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.