Leicester fans around the world will be biting their fingernails going into the weekend, as the Foxes sit just three points away from securing their first ever Premier League title. Manchester United at Old Trafford are all that stand in the way, but boss Claudio Ranieri says he and the players are "not nervous" ahead of the big game, but must remain concentrated on the task at hand.

"I feel it's very important to be concentrated, because the story is fantastic, but we have to be focused on the match," said Ranieri at the pre-match press conference.

He did however stress this could be a unique opportunity for the club. "Now is the real chance to win the title, next season you never know what will happen – once in a lifetime. I believe next season Manchester United will be at the top, Chelsea at the top, Arsenal at the top...and we will be fighting"

Asked if he was going to be cautious, needing only three points from three games, Ranieri joked: "You want to know my tactics? You come to the matches, you'll see my tactics. I have a lot of choice, I have 24 players, maybe I'll change everything." Then he cracked a joke based on his nickname earned at Chelsea when he continually changed his team: "Tinkerman never changes."

Ranieri was asked if he fully understood the significance of a first Premier League title to the city of Leicester. "It's not difficult to understand, it's easy to understand. For the first time, the people can win the Premier League title – it's unbelievable; it's history and we know this," he said.