Nick Cannon announced his split from Mariah Carey in August 2014, but they had actually separated several months before Getty

Mariah Carey is engaged to billionaire businessman James Packer, and the American singer seems to have every intention of marrying her fiancé this year. But, keeping in mind the controversy surrounding her divorce with former partner Nick Cannon, Carey might have to re-consider her upcoming wedding.

The We Belong Together singer recently sat down with Sharon Osborne, The Talk co-host, to talk about her upcoming docu-series Mariah's World, her marriage to Australian entrepreneur Packer, and her adorable kids.

Carey, 46, gushing about her fiancé and the upcoming nuptials, admitted that getting married this year "is the goal". However, a 2016 wedding would be too much to expect. "There's a lot on my plate," she said suggesting to Osborne during the interview for Entertainment Tonight that there might be some delay before the two get hitched.

When Osborne prods her further about Packer, and if it was love at first sight, the mother-of-two asserted she wasn't "on the prowl" for a new man, but indeed felt something for her soon-to-be husband.

"We were talking and having a good time and I was like, 'This guy is really fun.' So it was nice," Carey said.

Meanwhile, the actress-cum-singer has also been keeping a strict watch on her diet, "I've been pretty consistent with this bleak diet that I am on," she explained to Osborne. However, she quickly added that it's not her wedding alone that is inspiring her to check her diet.

"You know, it was the whole situation that made me want to try and be better for all," she told the talk show host adding on a note of humour, "And then we do have to get fittings and dresses!"

Carey has been in the news of late for her relationship and the controversy surrounding her divorce from Nick Cannon. It was reported that the America's Got Talent host had allegedly denied signing the divorce papers.

Cannon on the other hand, cleared the air regarding the rumours as he said in an interview to Extra, "There's nothing to tell… the media has a problem of sensationalism... me and Mariah get along great, and it's a process, nobody is holding nothing up. Why would I hold it up? I want her to be happy."