Randi Zuckerberg
Randi Zuckerberg sexually assaulted on board an Alaska Airlines flight - File photo REUTERS/Bazuki Muhammad

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's sister said she felt "disgusted and degraded" after she became a victim of a sexual harassment incident recently. She highlighted the growing incidents of sexual misconduct on jetliners and passengers that most of the airline companies have failed to solve.

Randi Zuckerberg said this week that a male fellow passenger on board an Alaska Airlines flight made "lewd sexual remarks" to her and others in the First Class passenger area, but the flight attendants brushed off her concerns saying he was a "frequent flier".

She tweeted a copy of the letter she sent to the airline, expressing her disgust. "The flight attendants told me he was a frequent flier, brushed off his behaviour and kept giving him drinks. I guess his money means more than our safety?" Randi wrote.

Recalling the incident, the 35-year-old best-selling author of DotComplicated said that during her flight from Los Angeles to Mazatlán, Mexico, the fellow flyer "began making explicit, lewd, and highly offensive sexual comments" to her, talked about " touching himself" and even asked her if she fantasised about her female colleague.

The media executive added that while boarding the flight too, the accused man had "rated and commented on the women's bodies", the Independent reported.

But what angered Randi more was the airlines' response to the situation. "When I brought it to the flight attendants' attention, their response was that this guy was a frequent Alaska Airlines traveller on this exact route, and they have had to talk to him about his behaviour in the past, but oh well, don't take it personally, this guy doesn't have a filter," the Facebook founder's sister said.

The flight attendants came by a few times after Randi made the complaint, but "sweetly asked the passenger, 'Are you behaving today?' with a smile and a giggle'," Randi pointed out.

They even asked her to change her place to a seat at the back of the plane, but she declined. She said: "Why should I have to move? I am the one that is being harassed!

"Why is it the woman that needs to switch seats in this situation? Shouldn't he have been thrown off the plane?!"

The tweet from Randi has gone viral and has been retweeted over 3,000 times. She later said that she eventually got the airlines' response to her letter.

"UPDATE: I just got off the phone with two executives from @AlaskaAir who informed me that they are conducting an investigation and have temporarily suspended this passenger's travel privileges. Thank you for taking this seriously," Randi tweeted.