Martin Kemp was left in tears as he found out about his lineage in ITV's documentary "DNA Journey," during which he also discovered a distant cousin who had previously rushed his daughter to the hospital.

The actor, along with his son Roman Kemp, tracked down their family history in the programme, and met their distant relatives Pat, Jacqueline, Tabitha, and Coulumbe, to whom Martin was related through Pat's grandmother's grandfather. As they interacted with their newly-found relatives, they discovered that Tabitha had helped them out in a difficult time.

Tabitha, who has worked as a paramedic for nearly three decades, revealed that she once visited Martin's home as part of her job to attend to his daughter Hailey who was "really ill." She said in the documentary: "I'm a paramedic and I have been for 26 years. I've actually been out to your house in the ambulance to see your daughter, me and my crew mate Amanda."

Martin was positively surprised that Tabitha was unknowingly "looking after just a member of her own family." The musician said: "It's just mad. I remember, I remember Harley being really ill. What can I say apart from thank you? 'At the time when you came in the house you never knew."

During the programme, the distant relatives also found out that music runs in the family through Pat's grandmother's grandfather who came from Germany and was a strolling musician. Martin also learned about his grandmother, Eliza Crisp, and was left in tears as he found out that she was ripped away from her dad and brothers after her own mother was sent off to an asylum.

The workhouse where Crisp spent five years was "notorious" for beating children until they passed out and even featured in Charles Dickens' novel "Oliver Twist." Martin and Roman visited it at the end of the show, and later arranged a headstone for Crisp's unnamed grave.

"Just to let everyone know, we are in the middle of putting a headstone on my nana grave now!!!
Thank you so much everyone at #DNA for finding her! We will never forget what you did!" the 59-year-old tweeted on Wednesday.

Steve Strange
Martin and Gary Kemp at Steve Strange's funeral. AFP / Getty Images