New details on Spider-Man's role in Captain America 3 revealed Sony Pictures

Superhero fans are all set to witness a third Spider-Man in action as actor Tom Holland joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The studio has already confirmed that the new Spidey films will not touch upon an origin story, which makes sense, as it has been done twice already.

Marvel boss Kevin Feige has explained in a recent interview how the new Spider-Man movie will differ from what's been shown before.

"The biggest thing ... is that it takes place in this universe [MCU]. It's the first time that you'll be able to see Spider-Man like he was in the comics, as a very different type of hero when compared to the other heroes in the universe," Feige told Zap2it while promoting Ant-Man.

"Up until this point in the other Spidey films -- some of which are some of the best superhero movies ever made -- he was the only hero, and now he's not. Now he's a kid in Queens with these powers and has other [superheroes] to look to."

Even though the details of Peter Parker's brief role in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War remain vague, Feige teased that Peter's storyline will touch on the idea of him being torn between superhero ideologies.

"Does he want to be like these other characters? Does he want nothing to do with these other characters? How does that impact his experience, being this grounded but super powerful hero? Those are all the things that Stan Lee and Steve Ditko played with in the first 10 years of his comics, and that now we can play with for the first time in a movie," he said.

In another interview with Birth Movies Death, Feige also dropped a few hints about the villains that fans will get to see in the new Spider-Man film.

When asked about the identity of the movie's villains, Feige called Spider-Man's deep roster of enemies an "advantage", and simply responded, "Right now we're interested in seeing villains we haven't seen before."

Meanwhile, Marvel's next big release - Ant-Man (which will hit theatres in July) - will help set up the Civil War film, reports Zap2it. Apparently, there's even a line in the film that can be interpreted as a nod to Spider-Man, though Feige says that's unintentional.

"That line was old, actually," he stated. "All that was meant to be very generic."

Ant-Man hits theatres on 17 July, while Captain America: Civil War is slated for release on 6 May, 2016.