Bizarre footage has emerged showing a huge sea lion casually blocking traffic in the middle of a road.

The video, posted onto LiveLeak, shows the massive mammal sitting calmly in the middle of a street, seemingly not bothered by the passing vehicles.

The short clip is believed to be filmed in the small Chilean coastal town of Tome, around 310 miles (500km) south of the capital Santiago.

The footage appears to be have been filmed by someone in a vehicle as it drives pas the sea lion in the rain.

Male South American sea lions can grow up to as much as 9ft (2.7m) and weigh up to 770lbs (350 kg). Their main diet consists of anchovies and hake and they tend to hunt within five miles of the shore, but they will go further out if necessary to find more food.

There are approximately 265,000 South American sea lions in the world, and they are a protected species.