Max Clifford's appeal to have his eight-year prison sentence reduced has been rejected by the courts.

The disgraced celebrity publicist launched an appeal to have is sentence reduced after he was found guilty of eight counts of indecent assault between 1977 and 1984 in May.

The Court of Appeal has ruled the eight-year sentence was justified and correct.

Part of the reasoning behind the decision include Clifford's "gross abuse of power and influence" during his offending and the "ongoing and long term effects" his crimes had on all his victims, who were as young as 15.

At a earlier appeal hearing, Clifford's barrister Richard Horwell QC argued Clifford's sentence was too harsh as his lat crime was committed 28 years ago and has since led "an industrious life, and devoted a considerable part of his time to charitable works for which he has raised substantial funds".

Upon sentencing at Southwark Crown Court, Judge Anthony Leonard described Clifford as a "master in the art of intimidation" who used his celebrity connections to "bully and manipulate" his vicitms.