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McDonald's Australia to revive popular chicken nugget sauce. Getty

Australian fans of McDonald's sweet mustard dipping sauce have convinced the fast food giants to bring the flavour back.

Sweet mustard, similar to the US's honey mustard dipping sauce, required just 635 supporters of a petition to resurface. But it was a slow process, taking about a year to convince McDonald's Australia to revive the condiment. McDonald's has now confirmed it is returning to the menu permanently, according to

There has been no word on if the popular sauce will also appear in the UK.

A dedicated Facebook page was even created in frustration. "If you are not going to bring back the sweet mustard sauce, why not release the recipe to us then?" the group says. "Look at all these disappointed customers. How could it cost you that much just to keep sweet mustard sauce in stock. Why can't you just bring it back?! Or release the recipe!"

The online petition takes the demand to another level: "Sweet mustard sauce is a necessity for 6 pack of chicken nuggets. Mcdonald's Australia need to bring back the sweet elixir of mustard sauce," the petition starts. "Future generations will never understand the beauty of sweet mustard sauce and live life never knowing it's greatness. If we want our kids to live happy and prosperous lives, they need sweet mustard dipping sauce."

At the time of writing, the petition had 665 signatures. Some of the comments are also quite passionate.

The UK is no stranger to missing out on McDonald's promotions. Australia, Canada and New Zealand have all stocked the burger sauces (such as the Big Mac special sauce) in supermarkets before.

There was also the ill-fated attempt to offer Szechuan sauce, made popular by TV show Rick and Morty. Alas, the UK was again excluded from the promotion.