A video showing two pranksters teaming up to play tricks on drive through employees in California went viral after being published on a social media website and gaining over 400,000 views in two days.

In the video a magician prankster called Rahat was seen speedily changing car seats with another prankster, Jack Vale, after ordering food at a drive through in Huntington beach, California.

Vale would hide underneath the steering wheel while Rahat would order his food. When the employees turned around to place their order, Rahat would slide behind the driver's seat, which would then be taken over by Vale.

The drive through employees featuring in the video would therefore suddenly find themselves serving another person when handing the ordered food and change back to the pranksters. Most employees noticed the change, with some finding out it was a prank, the video showed. After the video was posted online it gained over 400,000 views in barely two days.