The Pokémon Company has teamed up with McDonald's to celebrate the release of Pokémon the Movie 20: I Choose You! on 15 July in Japan. If you were just expecting some Pokémon-themed Happy Meal toys, you may want to brace yourself.

The limited-time, Japan-exclusive promotion will see a new McFlurry option added to the fast food restaurants ice cream tub range. Fans have a choice of six unique flavours, with the sextet all inspired by classic monsters from the first generation of Nintendo's video game series, with the winner set to be decided by a retweet contest on Twitter.

Fairly standard stuff so far, but it turns out that asking "what would a Pokémon taste like?" is a Pandora's Box of crimes against taste buds that never should've been opened.

As expected, series mascot Pikachu is currently in the lead with over 14,000 retweets. Thankfully, the electric critter boasts the most palatable flavour, as its yellow and brown skin translates to a chocolate and banana McFlurry.

However, on the other end of the flavour spectrum we have Bulbasaur, whose Grass-typing is reflected in a broccoli-tinged McFlurry. Gengar doesn't fare particularly well either, having been lumped with a "purple potato" flavour – although somehow the ghostly pocket monster sits in second place with over 9,300 retweets.

As for the remaining PokéMcFlurries, Squirtle (sparkling Ramune soda) is currently in third, Jigglypuff ("Purin"/white peach) takes fourth, and Charmander (Habanero chili pepper) suffers the humiliation of sitting in last place... behind a broccoli McFlurry.

It's unclear if a similar promotion will make its way over to the west should Pokémon the Movie 20: I Choose You! enjoy an international release, but you can still cast your vote from around the world by adding a retweet to your Pokémon of choice on McDonald's Japan's official Twitter account.