Megan Fox
Megan Fox poses backstage at the 70th annual Golden Globe Awards Reuters

Hollywood stunner Megan Fox may have been missing on the big screen, but she has managed to hog the headlines with saucy social media uploads for her lingerie line with the Frederick's of Hollywood.

Showcasing a brand new look, the 31-year-old actress most recently modelled an all-black piece featuring lacy designs and cut-out patterns – a glimpse of which was even shared by the official Instagram account of the lingerie brand.

new year, new you, new lingerie 💋

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"New year, new you, new lingerie," read the caption of the photo, which has garnered quite a buzz on the picture-sharing site.

In the snap, Fox brings out her signature sex appeal as she poses seductively on the edge of a luxurious-looking brown tufted sofa. Adding to the sultry look, the Transformers actress has her arms poised over her head while she smoulders into the camera with her deep smoky eyes.

Fox's makeup has been kept subtle – with a hint of blush, pink gloss and an extra layer of mascara. And like always, fans and followers of the Jennifer's Body actress couldn't resist but gush about her flawless looks as soon as the picture surfaced online.

"Simply amazing!" an Instagram user wrote, complimenting the actress. A second user followed suit and added, "She's my woman crush."

The flurry of raving messages continued and one user went on to share, "there is no better motivation to start the New Year."

But apart from her frequent social media appearances, Fox has not starred in any new movie of late. During a recent interview, the actress went on to share some worrying opinions on showbiz.

"Women are undervalued. Equal pay for equal work. There's also something more that goes on when you're working on these big movies because the studio has so much money on the line — when it's a $100-million-plus budget, the value for human life isn't anything," she said, appearing as the cover girl of Prestige Hong Kong.

"It's all about getting that shot on time so that we make our money back. People get hurt in the process," said Fox, "There are some very dark negative things that go on on-set, between actors or between actors and directors—specifically to actresses—that we have to go through."

"There's no morality or integrity within the studio system. It's completely about greed. If there was a way to change that, I of course would," added the actress.