Meghan Markle allegedly lied when she said that she would never have been able to pick Archie up from school had they stayed in the U.K. because of the media attention it will likely get.

In an interview with The Cut, the Duchess of Sussex talked about becoming parents to Archie and Lilibet and how doing school runs would have been different had she and Prince Harry continued to be working royals. Where their son goes to school now, she can freely show her emotions when she picks him up from school without cameras snapping the moment.

The publication described the mother-and-son interaction, "Somehow Archie knows his mother is at the gate of his preschool before the teacher even throws it open to set him free. He's so excited to see her, repeating 'Momma, Momma, Momma' in his little voice, as he runs toward her that he leaves his lunchbox behind on the ground. She scoops him up in a big hug so full of genuine emotion that both close their eyes."

Talking about the school runs, Meghan Markle claimed that she would never be able to do drop-offs and pick-ups without it being a royal photo call with the U.K. press. The magazine cited "40 people snapping pictures" to which the mum-of-two replied, "Sorry, I have a problem with that. That doesn't make me obsessed with privacy. That makes me a strong and good parent protecting my child."

ITV's royal editor Chris Ship contradicted the press claims. He said that this does not happen with every drop-off and pick up and just on the first day of school. The same happened when Prince William and Kate Middleton took Prince George and Princess Charlotte to Thomas's Battersea for their first day of school.

He took to Twitter to state what he labeled as "#facts" and wrote, "On a first day at school, palace allows TWO cameras with school permission to film and then share with everyone." Ship added that "there are no cameras at the school run for George & Charlotte" and "if there ever are, no U.K. publication buys them." Piers Morgan quickly commended the journalist for "calling out [Meghan] Markle's lies."

Prince Harry, Archie, and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with their son Archie who turned two years old on May 6, 2021. POOL / HENK KRUGER POOL / HENK KRUGER