Meghan Markle reportedly feels blindsided by the recent revelation about Prince Harry's past fling with reality TV star Catherine Ommaney, and is worried that it could ruin the Sussex brand.

The former "Real Housewives of DC" star recently dished about her "passionate" month with the then-21-year-old royal when she was 34. She said he gave her the "most incredible, passionate kiss" in her life and that they carried on their fling for a month, often meeting in private bars. But they lost touch when he changed his number and she reckoned that they would have made good friends because they "got each other's sense of humour."

The revelation had reportedly not gone down well with the Duchess of Sussex, who feels "blindsided" by her husband. A source told Closer UK in its Dec. 6 issue that she "was well aware Harry had a past that he was a serious playboy who was a big hit with the ladies back in his youth" because he "never hid that from her when they first got together."

However, the insider added that "many of Harry's dalliances weren't discussed at all, so there's an element of Meghan reading about certain relationships and secrets he shared with other women for the very first time."

"That's embarrassing and causes an element of agony. It's as though Meghan's being blindsided with revelations about her husband that she never knew. She could do without marriage shocks," the source said.

Prince Harry has reportedly told her to relax about it, but "it's difficult when the shocking affair is plastered all over the internet and covered in almost every news outlet."

The former "Suits" star is said to be "cringing" over Prince Harry's links to "The Real Housewives of DC." She finds it "humiliating" and fears that it could ruin the Sussex brand.

Likewise, Ommaney's revelation could not have come at a worse time when the royal couple is set to receive their "Ripple of Hope" award in New York on Dec. 6. It also comes ahead of the release of their Netflix series "Harry & Meghan" which is reportedly going to be "explosive."

Ommaney said she is now just sharing her experience with Prince Harry because of claims that he talked about his past relationships in his book. Regardless, the duke has not responded to her revelations and there is also no official word from Meghan Markle about them.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle AFP / Michele Spatari