Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are advised to be careful about what they say moving forward after their trip to the U.K. if they do not want to lose their royal connection.

Royal author Duncan Larcombe claimed that the "test really begins now" for the couple, after they joined the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. He said they could face getting "cut off" from the royals if they so much as leak details about the event to the press or in a book.

The biographer told The Sun, "They have come to the UK and to the Jubilee and really cemented themselves as royals again, which is great for their brand and something that Spotify, Netflix, and Penguin will be eating up."

Larcombe, who wrote "Prince Harry: The Inside Story," said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's future with the British royals will now depend "on their behaviour moving forward."

He continued, "Clearly an olive branch has been extended by the Royal Family here. But Harry and Meghan would ruin that if any private information about this weekend was spoken about to the press or revealed in a book."

Larcombe claimed "it's last-chance saloon for them now" and that they are on "dangerous ground." He said he could just imagine Prince Harry and Meghan Markle "will be totally cut off and that'll be it" if they leak anything that happened from the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

However, they could still "prove they can be trusted" by not sharing details about the Jubilee with the press or putting it in the duke's upcoming memoir. The author said it "could be a huge step in the right direction and the start of a new beginning" in the couple's relationship with the royal family.

Ahead of their trip to the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, there were reportedly concerns that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would bring Netflix cameras with them. But a team of palace aides was said to have been tasked to make sure to keep them away. A photographer was not even allowed to document the moment Queen Elizabeth II first met Lilibet at Windsor Castle on June 3.

Returning royals Prince Harry and his wife Meghan attended a thanksgiving church service on Friday
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend the Thanksgiving service at St. Paul's Cathedral on June 3, 2022.