Royal biographer Katie Nicholl and psychological therapist Emma Kenny believe that Meghan Markle should reach out to her own family and make amends with the royals soon before she regrets it.

Royal correspondent Nicholl noted that the Duchess of Sussex's own family had reached out to her many times. Her father Thomas Markle Sr. and stepbrother Thomas Jr. had publicly asked for a reconciliation in interviews. Earlier this year, her stepsister Samantha also said she still loves her and only wants closure.

On the other hand, Meghan Markle has remained silent and has not publicly addressed her estranged family. The only time she spoke about them was during her Oprah interview in March. Nicholl said the duchess' silence does not look good on her image as a humanitarian.

"Because of Meghan's work as a philanthropist, it doesn't sit very well that she has no relationship with anyone in her family apart from her mother, Doria. We've seen her father reach out publicly in a bid to reconcile with his daughter and apologise on numerous occasions," she pointed out according to Closer magazine.

"Meghan does risk appearing unforgiving and uncaring of her father, who's getting older and isn't in great health. There are now two grandchildren Thomas Sr hasn't met, which must be upsetting," Nicholl added.

The journalist also believes that it would be a good idea to reconnect with Prince Harry's side of the family. She suggested that Christmas would be a good opportunity for "a softening, which could pave the way for a healing of the family rift."

"When Harry and Meghan left, they made it clear they didn't want to give up their home in Britain. They still have Frogmore Cottage and their plan was to come back to the UK...It's certainly what the Queen wants. Prince Charles would like to see his grandchildren. A meet-up suggests they hope to move on and sort things out," she said.

Kenny agreed that Meghan Markle should make peace with her family and with the Windsors. But she will "be torn over what to do about her family" as "she feels betrayed and they've lost her trust." However, she will reportedly "still love them deeply and Thomas will always be her dad." She said the Duchess of Sussex should reach out and reconcile with her father soon especially now that he is not well. The royal should let him see his grandchildren Archie and Lilibet before he dies or else she will "feel huge regret."

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Meghan Markle told Oprah Winfrey that her father Thomas Markle hurt and betrayed her. CBS / Sebastien VUAGNAT