Meghan Markle reportedly told Prince Harry to get a DNA test to determine the truth behind long-running claims that James Hewitt is his biological father and not King Charles III.

The Duke of Sussex is allegedly open to the idea of getting the test because deep inside, he also wonders if the former cavalry officer is indeed his father. There are rumours that the late Princess Diana had a five-year affair with Hewitt and although it reportedly started two years after the duke was born, there is still gossip that he could be the biological father given the two share ginger hair.

According to New Idea magazine, Prince Harry has suggested that Hewitt being his father "might not be such a bad thing after all!" However, an insider claimed, "Of course, he is joking, in his own dark way, but parts of him have naturally wondered over the years."

But to be certain, Meghan Markle has urged him to get a DNA test after "she did her own genealogy test a couple of years ago and wanted Harry to join in." In an episode of her "Archetypes" Spotify podcast in October, the Duchess of Sussex revealed that she did a genealogy test and found out that she is 43 percent Nigerian.

The source said, "Meghan thought it would be interesting information to have for her kids, but without Harry's results, they'd only be able to give them half the picture." She reportedly also wants her husband to find out the truth that "parts of him have wondered over the years."

The insider added, "whether he went through with it is anyone's guess – it must be a sensitive subject for him."

Likewise, Prince Harry's ghostwriter J.R. Moehringer allegedly also pushed him "to dig deep into the relationship with his father, so it's likely he will have addressed the Hewitt rumours" in his memoir.

The source claimed that "what is certain is that Harry will reveal in this book that he feels Charles hasn't been much of a father even though they almost certainly share the same DNA."

Claims that Hewitt is Prince Harry's biological father and not King Charles III have long been in the rumour mill. It is also not confirmed if Meghan Markle encouraged her husband to get a DNA test to find out the truth about his birth.

Mark Colborne
King Charles III and Prince Harry Getty