Meghan Markle recently announced that she is making her debut as an author with a children's book titled "The Bench," inspired by the relationship between her husband Prince Harry and their son Archie. However, royal experts believe that she has used the book for another purpose, to show how devastated Prince Harry was at losing his military roles.

In one illustration in the book, a red-headed soldier wearing an American-style Army cap is seen seemingly returning from his duty, as his bag lies behind him, near a red bench. The soldier is holding his young son aloft, while his wife watches them from inside with tears in her eyes. "Looking out at My Love, and our beautiful boy. And here in the window, I'll have tears of great joy," reads the poem accompanying the illustration.

The illustration is believed to be a reference to Prince Harry's decade-long military career during which he served in war-torn Afghanistan as well. Royal biographer Phil Dampier believes that the illustration also hints at how upset Harry was when he was stripped of his honorary military titles earlier this year upon a one-year review of his and Meghan's exit as senior members of the royal family, reports The Sun.

"The illustration of a red-haired soldier (obviously you know who) hugging his little boy, looks as though he has come home from war after many years and pulls at the heart-strings," Dampier said.

"Mum is in tears as she looks through the window, and sees her husband returning from battle to pick up family life once more. It's a scenario familiar to so many military couples separated by conflicts," Dampier added, while noting that this wasn't the case for Harry and Meghan as the royal was in a different relationship during his time in Afghanistan.

"Rather Meghan is probably showing how much the Army meant to Harry and how upset he is to lose his military titles," Dampier said.

The royal author noted that the book is another way for the couple to express their feelings on the matter, as Harry losing his military titles including that of the honorary Captain-General of the Royal Marines was one of the toughest parts about leaving his royal duties.

"The Queen decided he could not be half in and half out of the Royal Family, and therefore he could no longer continue with his honorary associations. For Harry, who put his life on the line and then founded the highly successful Invictus Games for injured servicemen and women, losing the titles was the bitterest part of 'Megxit,'" Dampier explained.

Meghan's book, which started as a poem she wrote for her husband on Father's Day 2019, a month after the birth of their first child, will hit the shelves on June 8. The 40-page book, illustrated by Christian Robinson, was initially priced at £12.99, but the price was later slashed to £9.99 for some unknown reason. It can also be pre-ordered at WH.Smith at a reduced price of £10.99, and at Blackwell's for £11.43.

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