Meghan Markle's estranged half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. does not believe the things she said about the British royals in her interview with Oprah Winfrey in March.

The Oregon native said it is "just not true" what she said about not receiving help for her mental health problems while she was a senior royal. Thomas Jr. shared his thoughts about the revelations the Duchess of Sussex made in the interview on "Big Brother VIP." He said he would "definitely feel sorry for her" if what she said about there not being "any psychological help available anywhere in the palace" is true. But he admitted that he finds that "hard to believe."

"They have 27 butlers for every person probably. I can't imagine there's not someone you can go to talk to," he told his housemates as quoted by Perth Now adding, "I mean I'm very sympathetic. And the last thing I want to come across as another harsh comment, if she was actually having suicidal thoughts that's terrifying, and God forbid anybody that I know, or anybody in the world is in that position. That would be awful."

He said he "cannot imagine that help wasn't available on any level" and that what his estranged sister said just "doesn't make any sense" to him.

Thomas Jr. also does not believe that the British royals are racist. He claimed Meghan Markle just took it out of context when a senior royal asked about Archie's skin colour before he was born.

"I really find it hard to believe that there's racism going on in the palace. I don't believe in that at all," he said and called it a "common question" and not racist.

"It's very common how this happens. It could come up in conversation. Whether the kid comes out black whether the kid comes out white, whether the kid comes out brown. People ask that without having any thought of racism in their head whatsoever because my father was asked. So I think it's very very very likely that that probably came up and we're passing conversation," he explained.

Thomas Jr. told viewers on "Big Brother VIP" that Meghan Markle has "a lot of apologies to make if she's ever going to get in good graces with the royal family again" after her Oprah interview.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Prince Harry's wife Meghan Markle speaks of her suicidal thoughts during her tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey Photo: CBS / Sebastien VUAGNAT