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Prince Harry's fiancee Meghan Markle greets wellwishers on a walkabout as they arrive for an engagement at Nottingham Contemporary Getty

Ninaki Priddy, who was maid of honour at Meghan Markle's first wedding, has revealed the reason why the former Suits star's first marriage ended. Priddy has said that Markle's desire to be famous outweighed her commitment to her marriage to Trevor Engelson.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Priddy, a childhood friend of Prince Harry's fiancé but no longer on speaking terms, revealed that the decision to end the marriage wasn't a mutual decision.

"The way she handled it, Trevor definitely had the rug pulled out from under him. He was hurt," she told the publication. "'I don't believe she gave him enough of an opportunity. I think there was an element of 'out of sight, out of mind' for Meghan."

Prior to the wedding, according to Priddy, the former couple were head over heels for each other and Engelson would have done anything for the actress.

"Then, after the wedding, it was like a light switched off. There's Meghan before fame and Meghan after fame. After three seasons of Suits, she called me to say the marriage was over," she said. "Maybe she had started to change before then, but I was refusing to see it. The tone of her voice, her mannerisms, the way she laughed didn't seem real to me anymore."

"Even by season two of Suits, she was turning down lunch with us because she said she'd be recognised. I felt if I questioned her behaviour, I'd be left on the outside. Sometimes the truth is not always what you want, is it?" she continued. "Her time became increasingly important. When she was in town, she'd want you to drop everything to see her. If I was busy, it would be, 'Why don't you want to see me? I'm here. Let's hang out!"

Markle "loves to be the centre of attention", Priddy said, adding that she knew who Harry was despite her claiming in interviews that she knew little about Harry when they first met.

"I think it's a very fanciful dream to believe that you just walk into a Prince Charming," Priddy said. "I know the Royal Family was something she found fascinating. She had one of Princess Diana's books [Diana: Her True Story] on her bookshelf, and even when she was with Trevor she told me she wanted to go and stay in London for at least a month."

"I can't remember exactly when this was, but she was married to Trevor and starring in Suits. She mentioned about wanting to go to London a couple of times," she continued.

"I wasn't shocked or even surprised to hear about Prince Harry. I know she used to love The Princess Diaries — films about a commoner who becomes part of a royal family. She was very taken with that idea."

Markle, who is said to be marrying Harry in May 2018, split with Engelson in 2013 after two years into their marriage.