A blog in which an actress chronicled her struggles as she aimed to become a Hollywood star was allegedly written by Meghan Markle.

"The Working Actress" blog, which first appeared in 2010 but was then deleted in 2012, revealed details of the early days of an actress' career, in which the author described putting up with "bitchy" colleagues, having to cope with kissing smelly actors and being recognised for the first time.

"I've had to freeze my [acting] union membership, borrow money, work jobs that I hated, endure being treated like s**t on a set, kiss actors with smelly breath and cry for hours on end because I just didn't think I could take it any more," one entry of the blog, which has been seen by the Daily Mail, states.

In the blog's first post, the author described herself as "a working actress" and "not a star".

"And I don't have an entourage. Not a star. Not in the tabloids

"The kind of girl who is sometimes recognisable-ish. The operative word being 'ish'.

"I don't wait tables. I don't have a side job. I am in the club of the fortunate few that sometimes make a living playing dress-up.

"When it's good, it's f****** awesome. The other 300-plus days, it's harder than most would think. Humbling. Gruelling. Sometimes mind-numbing.

"But at the end of the day it's all worth it. People often describe actors who pop onto the scene as 'overnight success stories'. Here's the reality — it's more like years of hustle [...] welcome to the hustle.'"

The author of the diary never revealed her identity and used a silhouette of an empty director's chair as her logo, declining to disclose her identity even when mainstream news channels offered to interview her.

The unnamed actress signed off with a final post in the summer of 2012, without offering any details to explain her abrupt departure. By then, however, she had told her readers that she had landed a big break in an upcoming TV series.

Speculation surrounding the nature of the author began circulating when Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement in November last year.

"It was definitely Meghan who wrote it," Lance Carter, a Hollywood actor who has appeared in films and TV shows, was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

A separate source added: "It was a way for her to vent her frustrations and try to have a voice in the industry. I think it was also a way to inspire other struggling actors — and herself, too — to keep going."