Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their exit earlier in January and left the entire British royal family in shock. Meanwhile, the latest reports suggest that Kate Middleton was totally distraught at brother-in-law Prince Harry's shocking departure from the family.

It is no news that Prince Harry and Kate Middleton shared a beautiful bond. Together, along with Prince William, they were often referred to as a happy trio. Later, with Meghan Markle's arrival, they became what popularly known as "Fab Four." However, things took an unexpected turn when the Duke of Sussex along with Duchess of Sussex decided to exit "The Firm" and start a new life away from the UK.

Citing New Zealand's publication Woman's Day, Express UK is reporting that Kate was "incredibly emotional" and did take time to express her true sadness at his departure.

"Kate knew it could be the final opportunity to air her feelings and she was incredibly emotional," a source told the publication. The source goes on to claim that Kate was almost in tears because they lost communication before and after moving to Canada.

"Apparently, she fought back tears as she told them how their lack of communication and contact both before and after they moved to Canada had been devastating for them and how they felt completely shut out of their lives. What made her miserable was the feeling that "she'd lost a brother too," ," the source added.

It is said that Harry and Kate's relationship goes back to 2003 since the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge started dating. During their wedding, Harry served as his brother's best man.

Meanwhile, royal correspondent Katie Nicholl earlier said that Kate has "taken it all badly."

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Rumours that all was not well with the Sussexes surfaced in October when Harry, sixth in line to the throne, admitted that he and William were "on different paths" and had good and bad days in their relationship. Photo: AFP / Paul ELLIS

Harry and Meghan Markle moved to Canada in January and are currently residing in a $14million mansion in Vancouver Island.