Donald Trump's hands have been said to grab a few things but the US President just can't manage to hold his wife's hand.

After a video which seemed to show First Lady Melania Trump swatting away the President's attempts to hold her hand while the couple were on the tarmac in Israel, another video from their foreign trip seems to show some skillful hand dodging from the former super model.

Arriving in Rome for the next leg of Trump's first trip abroad since becoming president, the first couple waved to onlookers from the top of the staircase of Air Force One.

As Donald looks set to take his wife's hand as they descend the steps, Melania reaches up to move some hair from her fringe.

Though it may be an innocent movement, that hasn't stopped many from proclaiming it to be another slight by the First Lady.

Many on social media called out the subtle movement, with one user even taking a series of clips where Melania looks like she dislikes Donald and setting them to the Puddle of Mud song 'She Hates Me.