With Supergirl moving to The CW this fall, fans can expect a lot of crossover between The Flash and Supergirl, as confirmed by CW President Mark Pedowitz at the 2016 upfronts. But will there be a romance between Kara Danvers and Barry Allen?

Melissa Benoist, who plays the female superhero, spoke about the crossovers and addressed the romance rumours between Barry and Kara. Speaking about a crossover with The Flash, she told DC All Access [via ComicBook] that it's "the logical thing to do".

Benoist, however, is not a fan of Barry and Kara romance and added: "I don't know if they'd ever get together. I think they're too similar. I think they're pals, pigging out on ice cream.... and donuts. All the donuts. "

The Flash paid a visit to the Supergirl universe in episode 18 of the then CBS series, where the Girl of Steel teamed up with the Speedster to defeat Silver Banshee and Livewire. In the special mash-up episode, Barry and Kara had an ice-cream together, including some heart-to-heart discussion about relationships and love.

Previously, Grant Gustin also teased an "undeniable chemistry" between Kara and Barry. He told Entertainment Weekly: "We tease it a little bit. He's in town for a day so there's not really time for anything to actually develop, but there's undeniable chemistry, and they have a lot of things in common that they'll never have in common with anybody else, obviously. This is the first person with powers Barry [has met] who's using them for good. It happens to be somebody that he is attracted to, so it's cool."

Supergirl season 2 will air on Monday nights on The CW. The Flash will return with season 3 this October on The CW. No premiere date is announced yet.