Police tape
Authorities are searching for the assailants of three men who were sprayed with a corrosive liquid on Saturday (14 October). Getty

Three men who went to investigate their door being kicked in, suffered "life-changing" burns after they chased the intruders and were sprayed by a corrosive liquid.

Police say that the men went to see why their front door was kicked in Oak Road, Cumbernauld, Scotland on Saturday (14 October).

The men, aged 21, 23 and 25, were confronted by two men in dark clothing and covered faces at the door.

Following an altercation, the three men managed to chase the pair onto the street. They then ran to a dark-coloured car, where another two men were waiting.

When the three victims reached the vehicle, the corrosive liquid was sprayed on them. Police are yet to identify the liquid used.

The 21-year-old victim suffered facial injuries and remains in hospital in stable condition, the BBC reported. The 23-year-old suffered an injury to his arm and the 25-year-old suffered injuries to his head, leg and arms. The two were released from hospital following treatment.

"The substance has still to be analysed, however, suffice to say it was corrosive and the men sustained burns was a result of the attack," detective constable Gary Mackie said.

"At the moment we are trying to establish the motive for the attacks and why the men from the car targeted this particular house."

Mackie said police are speaking to neighbours and checking area CCTV. Authorities are asking that anyone who may have witnessed the incident or saw the vehicle the suspects were in to contact them.

"This was a nasty attack, one which obviously the men in the car came prepared for, and while thankfully the injuries to the men are not life-threatening, the damage done has been life-changing," Mackie added.

There has been a spate of acid attacks in the UK with London seeing attacks double between 2014 and 2016.

One of the most recent occurred in Dagenham after a man was robbed in his own home. In another recent incident in Bow, east London, acid was sprayed onto the stomach of a pregnant woman.

Police have been given acid response kits and Home Secretary Amber Rudd says acid attackers will face life sentences.