The Mentalist Season 6 Spoilers
End of a possible romance between Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon? The Mentalist/Facebook

The Mentalist fans have become used to seeing Teresa Lisbon and Patrick Jane's crackling chemistry. For six years Jane and Lisbon remained trusted partners in solving dozens of cases, sharing immense trust and reflecting an unseen affection towards each other.

Suddenly their platonic love paradise seems to be in trouble with the entry of the new FBI agent Marcus Pike (Pedro Pascal) in the episode 'Violets.' It seems like a love triangle is on the cards, leaving Teresa and Jane fans in a muddle.

Here's the latest shocking spoiler: In episode 19 called 'Brown Eyed Girls,' Lisbon might just get tempted with Agent Pike's offer of moving with him to Washington DC, entertainment website reported.

Lisbon has always been at the 'deceiving' end when it comes to that 'special feeling' from Jane, and after Pike's love offer Lisbon starts feeling 'special.' We wonder what will happen to Jane; at least now fans are expecting him to respond romantically to Lisbon's overtures.

Executive producer Bruno Heller may also prefer a Teresa-Pike romance in the future as an interview he gave to Entertainment weekly testifies.

"In order for her to fulfil herself - even if she eventually fulfils herself with Jane, which she may or may not do - she has to find other relationships, other perspectives, other people who love her, just to feel fully who she is. It's very important for her to be able to step away from Jane and see herself for herself," Heller told Entertainment Weekly.

In the upcoming episode, Agent Pike who is smitten by Lisbon will want to make their relationship stronger and will ask her to move along with him to the nation's capital. Lisbon will probably not be able to refuse the offer.

The official synopsis of The Mentalist Episode 19 'Brown Eyed Girls' reads:

"A chance encounter with a suspicious-looking individual leads Jane and Lisbon to uncover a vast human smuggling ring. Meanwhile, Lisbon remains tempted by Pike's offer to move to DC with him."

Moreover, Jane is expected to start feeling awkward as he watches Lisbon pay extra attention to Pike, TVline reported, while quoting show writer and producer Tom Szentgyorgyi.

"I think Jane was feeling curiously like a third wheel – something he doesn't feel very often – and wondering why he felt that way," Szentgyorgyi told TVline.

"Pike is with us through the end of the season, and he will become an increasingly important figure in Lisbon's life, so Jane is wondering what he's feeling, because he's been the most important man in Lisbon's life — and suddenly he might not be," he added.

The Mentalist Season 6 has only a few episodes left before the finale which will air on May 13 and fans are expecting some steamy romantic sequences between Jane and Lisbon. Keep watching this space for more updates and spoilers of your favourite show.