The Mentalist
Jane and Lisbon will hunt down a serial killer in The Mentalist Season 7 TheMentalist/facebook

The Mentalist season 7 kicked off with its premiere episode on 30 November, and as Jane and Lisbon embark on their final run on the show, lead actor Simon Baker expresses quite an interesting desire for his character:

"I want a nude sex scene," the actor told TVLine during a recent press call. Playing along, leading lady Robin Tunney quickly jumped in to quip, "That's really just for, you know, the wrap party, for the crew to watch. Because we can't allow any nudity [on camera]."

One of the highlights of the new season is Jane and Lisbon's romantic pairing – something that fans have been eagerly waiting for.

Tunney recalled a season 1 press conference in which she, Baker and series creator Bruno Heller avowed that Jane and Lisbon would never hook up, "and I think we were telling the truth", she says.

Oh well, whatever brings a new dimension to the long-running show, right?

However, Tunney also spoke about the nature of the relationship on the show and what fans can expect.

"Season 7 is not Fifty Shades of Grey done by The Mentalist." Rather, Heller sums up the pairing as "a very sort of Jane Austen type of romance... between two people you've known for years, and you can see they are made for each other not in a fiery, crazy way, but in a human, gentle, correct way."

Baker says of the 'Jisbon' romance, "We are not exploring the obvious side of having a relationship in the workplace but more the pitfalls and speed bumps that you come up against when you know someone so well and then decide to have a relationship with them."

Series creator Bruno Heller also spoke about how the relationship will unfold over the last season of the show:

"This season is very much about the reconfiguring of a relationship that has been based on a mission, on a shared desire," said Heller.

"Now that the mission is over, they have to find out, as much as they love each other, how can they live together, and what will they do with their lives?"