The Mentalist
Jane and Lisbon will hunt down a serial killer in Season 7 TheMentalist/facebook

The Mentalist will premiere in less than a week and fans are anxious to know where the Jisbon relationship is moving.

The premiere episode synopsis already revealed that Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon are playing safe around their office and have decided to be secretive about their new found love.

However, there is bad news for Jisbon fans as show creator Bruno Heller hinted that the much in love couple may not get married in the final season of CBS's super-hit police procedural drama.

Heller maintained that both Jane and Lisbon are very private people having strong control over their emotions but their blossoming romance will finally attract many eyes around them.

"They have this wonderful thing between them that they feel obliged to cover up. They don't fool many people for long," Heller told Entertainment Weekly.

When asked if there is a wedding sequence of the fan favourite couple during the final season, the show creator revealed that there is much for the couple to discover and survive before getting married.

"They're getting ahead of things. But a wedding is always something to be wished for. It's certainly a question that arises at different times for both Jane and Lisbon—if they love each other, and they're living together, then why don't we get married? I don't want to give away too much. The season is very much about how do these two people become a couple and work as a couple and still survive as a couple," he told the website.

He also confirmed that there is no return of Red John in the storyline of Season 7 and the chapter has been "put to bed" long back.

The current season, according to Heller, will have episodic plots alongside the Jisbon romance, with Jane returning to his usual tricky psychic self.