The Mentalist Season 7 Spoilers: Romance to bloom between Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon?
Patrick Jane trying to kiss Teresa Lisbon in the finale of Season 6. CBS

The Mentalist Season 7 will not premiere until next year but fans are eager to know more about their favourite couple Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) and Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney).

Fans are hoping they can witness some sizzling romance between the couple in the next season of CBS's popular police procedural drama.

In Season 6's finale of the CBS series Jane finally expressed his love for Lisbon in the most dramatic and romantic way and they ended up kissing each other.

But the lead star of the show, Simon Baker, has confirmed that Jisbon will not have a rosy relationship in Season 7 which is touted to be the final series of the fan favourite drama.

"In my mind, the way we ended last season seemed a perfect way to end the show," Baker told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

"But as things would have it, we're back again. Before we started shooting, we sat down and went, okay, is it going to be like 'The Thin Man' sort of story (for Jisbon)? You know, like the 'Hart to Hart' couple that solves crimes?"

Baker also added that, Patrick and Teresa won't have a smooth relationship as fans expect.

"Obviously, we need to uphold the procedural nature of the show, but how do we do it with a dynamic that isn't necessarily smooth-sailing? There's obviously going to be hiccups between them, when they've worked together and spent so much together and then try to carry on a relationship."

The lead actor of the show, who also directed a few episodes, wants his character to have a tragic end and wishes a Shakespearian finale.

"Personally, I think he's a tragic figure," he explained to the website. "To me, when we were putting the character together in the very early days, he was a tragic character. Like all the great love stories-'Romeo and Juliet'-there's tragedy. I always felt that. But I get shouted down."

The Mentalist Season 7 premieres in January 2015 on CBS.