Liverpool Crown Court
David Churchill was jailed at Liverpool Crown Court for beating his wife June Getty

Merseyside taxi driver David Churchill has been jailed for 17 years at Liverpool Crown Court for attacking his wife with an axe following an argument over the TV.

June Churchill was tied by her ankles and wrists and gagged before her husband bludgeoned her chest and head with the weapon in an attack similar to a "horror movie" in September.

She also suffered wounds to her neck and back after "controlling, spiteful and violent bully" Churchill sliced her with a Stanley Knife.

He then kept her captive for three days, during which she begged for her life while he played online poker.

Churchill, who was on police bail at the time of the attack, was eventually persuaded to take his wife to hospital where she was treated for a fractured skull, broken spine and multiple stab injuries, but not before he attempted to set fire to the house using paint stripper, forcing their neighbours to flee for their lives.

He was arrested in October after handing himself over to police, telling police: "I'm one of Merseyside's most wanted", reported the Liverpool Daily Echo.

He pleaded guilty to production of cannabis, abstracting electricity, assault by beating, wounding with intent, false imprisonment and arson being reckless as to whether life was endangered.

Handing down the punishment, judge Mark Brown said: "It is very hard to imagine the horrendous ordeal she underwent. It is equally hard to appreciate the kind of consequences your conduct has had in relation to her."