Human skulls found in teddy bears
Human skulls and other remains found inside teddy bears at Mexico City airport

A man has been arrested after two skulls and other human remains were discovered hidden inside teddy bears at a Mexico City airport shipping company during routine checks on Sunday.

Workers at the company made the horrific discovery after putting the plush bears under an x-ray machine.

The human remains "appear to have been recently exhumed", according to a statement from the Mexico City public prosecutor's office.

Aparicio Fidencio Ramirez, who allegedly sent the packages, was tracked down and arrested. He was charged with crimes against public health and safety.

Ramirez said he bought the skulls at a popular downtown Mexico City market stall which sells medicinal herbs and bones and argued the skulls "are in demand abroad by people who practice Santeria" an Afro-Caribbean syncretic religion.

Santeria, which mixes west African Yoruba traditions with Catholic rites, grew out of the slave trade to the Americas and is practiced in the Caribbean as well as places like Florida and Brazil. The religion is also known as La Regla Lucumi and the Rule of Osha.