MH370 towelette? Washed up in Cervantes
MH370 towelette? Washed up in Cervantes Channel 9 News

A small paper towel found washed up on a beach may have come from doomed Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, it has been claimed.

A couple walking on a beach in Cervantes on the Western Australia coastline discovered the towelette in an unopened plastic bag, which they called "very unusual."

The small towel was emblazoned with Malaysia Airlines logo. Analysis of the item has been underway in Canberra. According to reports, the towelette was found on the beach last July.

Speaking to Channel 9 News, the unnamed man who found the bagged item said: "If it had of been opened and found lying there it would have been completely different."

The find was made hundreds of miles away from the area being combed by search teams in a 'corridor' in the Indian Ocean.

Experts reckon it was possible the small package traveled hundreds of miles on the currents, according to the Telegraph.

This week marked the anniversary of the MH370's disappearance during a routine flight between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. All 239 on board have been declared dead by the authorities searching for the aircraft.