Pictures of the year: most moving
A family member of a passenger aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 cries at the Lido hotel in Beijing Jason Lee/Reuters

A year on and the search for missing Malyasian aircraft MH370 continues. To mark the deaths of the 239 passengers and crew vigils are being held in Kuala Lumpur and China. Sky News interviewed one of the grieving relatives, Wang Le.

A year ago Wang Lehe was waiting for his mother Zang Chi's return from a vacation in Malaysia. Zang Chi had been on holiday in Kuala Lumpur with a friend and she sent Wang Le a text message before embarking. It said: "At Kuala Lumpur airport." Then she boarded Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 to Beijing.

"I miss my mum every day," says Wang Le. "Many moments I think 'Hmm, maybe I should call her now'. I want to call her, but I cannot. Too many memories."

Wang Le spends every weekend with his bereaved father in his Beijing apartment. His father is devastated by his mother's disappearance.

"Sometimes he misses my mum too much and he puts a bowl here and chopsticks here and he feels like he's having dinner together with my mum," says Wang Le.

Meanwhile, the search for the missing plan continues. After lengthy analysis of satellite data, investigators concluded that the plane flew south before coming down in the Indian Ocean off the western Australian coast near the city of Perth.

Today Malaysia's transport minister Liow Tiong Lai announced that if the undersea search for MH370 turns up nothing by the end of May, the three countries leading the effort will stop and rethink their investigations, according to a report from AP news agency.

"By the end of May, if we still can't find the plane, then we will have to go back to the drawing board," Liow said.

However, the minister said that he remains cautiously optimistic the aircraft is in the target area of the search in the southern Indian Ocean. Liow revealed that he had been told on Friday that the investigators had identified 10 hard objects which are awaiting analysis.

He also said that the Malaysian government would continue to rely on the experts leading the search.

"We stand guided by the expert team," he said. So far vessels searching for the remains of the plane have covered 44% of the 60,000km<sup>2 target area.