Miami police shot dead a woman for running over an officer with her black BMW while fleeing a crash scene.

Police said on Sunday (8 October) night that the woman first hit an "occupied car" and then continued driving through the 12<sup>th Street and Washington Avenue.

The injured police officer was taken to the hospital where his condition is reported to be stable, according to NBC6 news.

"The car was coming westbound from Ocean on 12th and went through the red light, struck an occupied car on 12th and Collins," Dan Oates, the Miami Beach police chief, told the news channel. "At some point, the driver made a decision to speed away and she continued west on 12th Street."

Witnesses told the news channel that people had surrounded the woman's car after the crash and insisted she get out of her BMW, but once police arrived at the scene, the woman sped away hitting the officer standing in front of her car.

"One of the cops was in front of the car and when they were yelling at her to get out of the car, she just started the car again," said Miguel Garcia, a witness.

Police then fired shots at her car, leaving her dead. The car then came to a stop on 12th Street near Washington Avenue and also struck an SUV.

The identities of the injured officer and the woman driver are not known.

Oates only said: "Our officer who was injured, we know he lost consciousness at the scene for a period of time. He is now at the hospital. He is stable and alert but he is being treated for his head injury and undetermined at this time internal injuries."